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PhD thesis design

You're almost done with your PhD: congratulations!

It's time to think about your PhD defence and having all your work bundled in a beautiful book. Whether you have a clear idea of how you want your thesis to look or you are completely clueless, I can help.

Each university has different requirements, so get in touch to discuss what your university and you want for your thesis.

"Sabela designed the cover of my PhD thesis and the accompanying invitation. She did an amazing job turning my ideas into an actual design. Communication was always clear, and the process went very smoothly. She is kind and creative, and her work is of great quality. I would highly recommend her!"

Mandy Gruijs, Amsterdam UMC

Some things to consider

I can design the cover from scratch, either with your ideas or my own. Alternatively, you can send me your cover design and I can provide actionable tips to make it look more professional.

The design of the invitation is included in the fee for the cover and the package.

Thesis layout
You can personalise many aspects of the interior layout: fonts, colours, headings, number of columns, etc. 

Plan ahead and start early. You may need to have hard copies of the thesis some weeks before the defence. Consider that the printing companies take time to deliver the books from the moment you send them the final documents.

Do you want a presentation to impress the committee, your family and friends? I can help you create engaging storytelling and beautifully designed slides. Get in touch to discuss the details.

Get your PhD thesis designed

Get in touch if you'd like me to design your thesis. We can discuss your ideas and needs, either by email or by video call. You can also contact me if you simply have some questions or concerns about the process.

I'm interested in:

Thanks for submitting!

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